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The office in Netanya, Israel has been continuously expanding and changing for the past few years.


  • Provide a multi-floor office for Shopping.com to join forces with eBay
  • Work with the local business unit to improve user experiences
  • Provide proactive and collaborative IT solutions
  • Create a fast, secure network for users


To complete this project Protek interviewed and vetted many Israeli engineers, project managers and network specialists to join our team. As a result, a brilliant new international team was built.

The Netanya office is expanding to accomodate Shopping.com as one of the new eBay companies. Protek have been trusted to keep up with the design changes, including:

  • 2 server rooms
  • 12 racks and cabinets
  • 700+ Cat6 and Cat6a cables
  • 40+ wireless access points

Working with the IT teams and business unit from Shopping.com and eBay, Protek designed and installed all of the above using secure and reliable techniques. The project was completed with a full set of documentation and a 25-year warranty on all services.

Protek will continue to maintain operations into the future.


  • The Shopping.com office continues to grow without any IT issues.
  • Business productivity is maximised with faster connection speed and reliable networks.
  • Video conferencing allows employees to collaborate effectively anywhere in the world.