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Protek have provided structured cabling solutions and IT support for eBay since 2004.

They have worked on over 70 global projects and continue to provide valuable cabling services and support.


  • Provide a new work space for eBay companies to occupy and join forces
  • Promote positive business change
  • Create a high-quality and secure network for users


The Madrid office was built to bring together different eBay offices and companies into the same building. To support this, Protek designed a new structured cabling system including a 2-cabinet MPOE room and a 6-cabinet BDC room. The design included 1288 Cat6 cables for user operations and video conferencing, a state of the art Cat6a/Aruba WiFi deployment, and a reliable security cabling system to support the security vendor.

Following the installation, eBay were provided with comprehensive documentation and a 20-year warranty on all services. Protek will continue to maintain the office into the future, ensuring uninterrupted service at all times.


  • eBay now have a positive working environment in Madrid with a secure Panduit cabling system
  • Business productivity is maximised with a fast connection speed
  • Video conferencing allows users to connect with eBay colleagues in over 100 countries